Clogged fuel filter
Custom Sportfish
LGX,  Custom Sportfish
LGX Installation,  Custom Sportfish
Monitoring Engine Data with Vodia tools
 Custom Sportfish
 Custom Sportfish
Volvo Penta D-9 500's

"Summer Session"

Owned by Bill Stevens of Stevens Towing

38' Luhrs with pulpit 

15' Beam       37" draft    30,000lbs

563 gallons of fuel   80 gallons of water

Re-Powered with Volvo  D9-500's  and ZF280 1.5:1 gears

Engines Protected with 2 x LGX 1000

Sea Trialed with full load of fuel, water and 8 people aboard, 32 knots

Replaced  2 - Detroit 6-71's  485 hp  at 2500 with 

MG507A  1:1 Gears.

Sea Trialed before re-power  at 18 knots

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C.I.Agent can be used to treat spills or as a preventative measure where a spill is likely to occur in many applications. 

C.I.Agent is a powder that can be put on spills such as oil, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, and any other petroleum based fluid, and it will solidify it into a rubber-like mass mass. Then the solidified product can be used as a fuel or sold to companies that produce as a filler to add strength and flexibility to their products. If you choose to, in most cases, the waste can just be thrown away!


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