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Diesel Fuel Cleaning Northern TerritoryWhy Wonder when you can know?

Fuel Testing: The Joint Commision (or JCAHO) is a watchdog for hospitals and other facilities that watch over the lives of people. If a facility can't prove that they have a fuel maintenance program in place or that the fuel passes ASTM specifications for diesel fuel, the fuel is supposed to be pumped out, the tanks cleaned, and new fuel put back in.

That doesn't sound like a lot of fun.


Diesel Fuel Technologies of Australia can provide you the tools to sample fuel yourself, or we can come and do it for you. We work with independent fuel testing labs all over the United States and can help you determine exactly what is going on in your tank.


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Diesel Fuel Doctor, as the name implies, is in the business of cleaning fuel. We have technicians throughout the US and the experience to help you maintain the integrity of your fuel. Call us today!

For the do-it-yourselfers
Just inject a small amount of the fuel you are testing with a syringe into the test bottle, shake well and compare color of fluid to a chart after a certain amount of time.

Our kit comes complete with 10 sealed test bottles, 10 sterile packed syringes and instructions.

Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste offers a simple way to check for the presence of water in gasoline, kerosene, diesel and heavy fuel oil, by "sticking" the tank with e.g. a measuring stick, rod or bar with the paste applied to it.


The color of the paste changes instantly upon contact with water

Send us a fuel sample and we'll test it for you! We will analyze the situation, recommend the test protocol. We will work with you to develop a remediation and treatment procedure to insure the integrity of your fuel and oil.

Fuel Sampling gives you a visual inspection of Bottom Sediment

Ways to Test Fuel

We always recommend a bottom sample. 

Whatever your application, a “little” bit of sediment in a tank can cause a whole lot of problems. What you are looking at here is a control sample of some fairly “good” fuel. Sample 2 is from a day tank, Sample 3 and Sample 4 are from twin 6,000 gallon bulk tanks that feed the single day tank. The power unit feeds from the day tank and returns back to the day tank.


The moral of the story? 


Clean fuel makes for a happy engine. When possible move the fail point of the fuel from a mission critical unit (like the engine you are using for whatever you are doing) to a non-critical unit (like a portable fuel polisher or a stationary tank system).


 If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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