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So far we've increased filter life by a factor of ten and getting better all the time, so far so good. We're all well thank you. They have us running 24/7 while the repairs to Mel Price locks continue. Hope to be out of here by25 june. Will keep you posted.


Eats Pretty Boats for Breakfast!

A great personality and a huge heart describe both the dredge Buxton IIand her captain of 25 years. The heart of the Buxtonis a 1200 hp KTA-38 provided by Cummins-Bridgewayin Michigan. A pair of them, actually. And a pair of Cummins 5.9s, a 3.9, and an L-10. Throw in a pair of Detroit 3-71s, and the Buxton has something in the neighborhood of 3,500 hp at her disposal.

“G” Tug Wisconsin
We should all hope to look this good when we’re over 100!!!  Great Lakes Towing tug Wisconsin was built in 1897 and still leads the way when she needs to!  She is shown here leading a “dead boat pull” of the freighter John Sherwin during the summer of 2006.  She escorted the 806’ Sherwin down Lake Michigan during the 2006 shipping season.

“G” Tug Wisconsin

The Paul H. Townsend
The 447’ self unloading Great Lakes freighter Paul H. Townsend was particularly bothered by a bad fuel situation during the 2005-2006 shipping season. Her ship management systems are all powered by diesel generators with a 22,000 gallon tank. The chief engineer reported that he was having to change fuel filters every 4 hours as a result of the sludge building up in them!

The Paul H. Townsend

The Detroit Princess
1,800 people sitting down for dinner take up some room.  Fortunately for those inclined in the metropolitan Detroit area, the best view along the waterfront is ON the water! Originally named Players Riverboat Casino II, the Detroit Princess Riverboat was built in Jennings Louisiana in 1993 for use as a gambling boat. Located on the Mississippi River in Metropolis, Illinois, the casino ran as a Merv Griffin establishment for a number of years.

The Detroit Princess

The Alpena
The 520’ self unloading freighter Alpena takes full advantage of her Caterpillar power! She has TWO 3512s feeding out of a 10,000 gallon tank generating 850 kw each to power the boat and conveyor systems. A CAT 398 with its own 7,500 gallon tank serves as the bow thruster for docking and maneuvering in those “tight” spaces.

The Alpena

The Rebecca Lynn
The 120’ tug Rebecca Lynn is dedicated to her 335’ petroleum barge, the A-410. They spend the season making a run up Lake Michigan, through the Straits of Mackinac, and down Lake Huron to Saginaw Bay. Plagued by a bad fuel situation in the A-410‘s 8,000,000 BTU Vapor System, the combination had to change filters half way through the trip, and while in port.

The Rebecca Lynn

The G. L. Ostrander
By most standards, The G. L. Ostrander is a big tugboat. At 140’ with a 40’ beam and 7,200 horsepower, she can move a mountain. The mountain, in fact, is the barge Integrity, a 460 footer with a 70’ beam and a depth of 37 feet! The G.L.O. carries 140,000 gallons of diesel fuel in her main tank and has twin 10,000 gallon day tanks. She burns almost 2,000,000 gallons of fuel a year.

The G. L. Ostrander

The Karen Andrie
The 120’ tug Karen Andrie was changing fuel filters every 33 hours. She is now nearing 800 hours on a set of filters and the fuel pressure actually increased as the delivery system was cleaned out and the fuel quality increased. The tug and her barge, the A-397, are able to maintain the same speed at lower RPMs as the fuel burns more completely.

The Karen Andrie

The Barbara Andrie
The 121’ Barbara Andrie spends the shipping season either in the notch of or towing her 310’ petroleum barge, the A-390. She’s big and powerful and gets the job done with one engine. And when she’s pushing or pulling 39,000 barrels of asphalt and heavy oils, the chief engineer doesn’t want to go dead in the water because of fouled out filters. He also doesn’t want the 8,000,000 BTU Vapor heaters on the barge to shut down.

The Barbara Andrie

Cummins Mid-South
Cummins-Bridgeway’s Northwest offices understand customer service. They also actively seek out value added products and services which really help the customers they serve. In 2007, Larry Revard, Executive Director of the Northwest Division, became convinced there was a cost effective way to dramatically decrease the headaches associated with fuel delivered to Cummins engines. The facilities in Western and Northern Lower Michigan were seeing engines with plugged filters and engine damage caused by poor fuel quality.
Cummins Mid-South

Cummins Mid-South
Over the past several years many of our clients have experienced significant results by using the ALGAE-X In-Line Fuel Conditioners on their diesel engines. The most noted benefits reported by our customers have been extended filter & injector life, lower exhaust temperatures , and reduced emissions.
Cummins Mid-South

Higman Barge
When the cost savings in maintenance and reduced vessel and barge down time are factored in. It's easy to see why Higman has installed the Algae-X Fuel Conditioners on a fleet wide basis which is now complete. Devall Diesel Services, Inc . supplied the Algae-X products used. This has given them that extra edge in propping up their bottom line in today's competitive Marine Transportation market.

Alaska Inter-Island FerryAlaska Inter-Island Ferry
...Installation was made in June of '04 and performance was monitored for a six month period. The M/V POW has shown a fuel savings of 5500 gal. or 2.5% in this period of monitoring. I estimate the units paid for themselves in 21 days. As well as primary fuel oil filters are cleaner and we have extended our intervals to almost double.

Blessey Marine
We got some AFC 705 from Reliable Industries (a local Algae-X Dealer) and had them meet the boat at one of the locks on the ICC. To make a long story short, the AFC took care of the problem. The last time I checked with the boat it had over 200 hours without a filter change and was still going. That was months ago and I have not had any more complaints from the Captain

Westrec Marinas
I installed the Algae-X model 200 on all of our tenders and used the fuel conditioner. Within a week the problem went away. I have not changed fuel filters for the rest of the season. The aggravation factor and complaints went away.

Occoquan Yacht Club
We are currently purchasing the Carver 570 Voyager, with Cummins QSM-11, 660hp engines and you can rest assured that the Algae-x's will be on both mains and genset at delivery. People that say this is marketing hype and have never used them nor witnessed the results...

Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison
We, at all eight florida Detroit Diesel - Allison locations, highly recommend the Algae-X Magnetic fuel devices installed on all diesel applications including trucks, RV's, marine, stationary, transit, coach, pick-up, emergency, and school bus as well as off road equipment.
Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison

Devall Diesel
Every month we were traveling to one of our boats to change out the injector nozzles. After we installed the Algae-X system on these boats, we prolonged the injector nozzles life to every 3-4 months before changing. Also, smoking of the engines cut back.
Devall Diesel

Maverick Meat Processors, Inc.
Thank you very much for your personal effort in solving my fuel management system problem on my 1969 43 foot Egg Harbour.
Maverick Meat Processors, Inc.

Deep Sea Trolling Adventures
Before installing Algae-x, my boat would not come up on plane and I was laying a horrible cloud of thick, smelly, black smoke. I have now had the unit in service for about a month, and it seems the boat runs better each time I take it out. My fuel economy has improved, the smoke problem has all but disappeared, the engines are quieter and smoother, and my top speed has increased over 20% to over 40 mph.
Deep Sea Trolling Adventures

Port Everglades Pilots' Association
Capt. Paul Hirschman - Port Everglades, FL

The Port Everglades Pilots have been using the Algae-X unit for almost two years, and we can honestly say it works. I highly recommend Algae-X for both commercial and pleasure boats.
Port Everglades Pilots' Association

MV Casino Princesa
Greg Howe, Port Engineer - Miami, FL

Subsequent to Algae-X units, filter change intervals have increased from 100 to 750 hours. Combined with the AFC-705 catalyst, we have noted a reduction of smoke of approx. 80%, and a fuel consumption reduction of 20%. There are also no signs of carbon deposits on injectors or turbos . . . before Algae-x, these components required service every 4-6 months . . . the increase in filter life and fuel economy alone is saving us over $50,000 per year !!

Safe/Sea Marine Rescue & Assistance
John Andrews - Wickford, RI

All of Safe/Sea's diesel rescue vessels have your excellent units installed either as original equipment or retrofitted. We have had no fuel contamination problems since we started using Algae-X. We conduct over 1000 quick response rescues each year and reliable service from our equipment is critical. Your LG-X 400 is a key component to helping us meet this reliability goal.

Gerald M. Hill
U.S. Coast Guard, Retired

Conclusion: The Algae-X product does what Algae-X International says it can do, and then some. The fuel efficiencies and filter savings realized by these Cutters are impressive and significantly reduce operating costs. I could confidently say the Algae-X product is a NECESSARY component of any diesel, or lighter distillate fuel system.

Eco Sound
Michael Reardon, CEO

As a result of the installation of the Algae-X unit, we had a reduction of up to 50% in the exhaust opacity throughout the entire RPM range

Far Horizons
William Berlin, President - Seattle, WA

Algae-X is a superior product and will be standard OEM equipment on all of our vessels.


Nordic Tugs
Ed Shelton, President - Midlothian, VA

Since Algae-X units have been installed as standard equipment on new vessel construction and retrofitted on many of our Customers' boats, we have never had a report of engine failure on any of these vessels. We prefer to be on the "lead end" of a towline, instead of the rear end!

U.S. Department of Transportation
Mr. Randy Goldman, Maritime Administrator

Has units on tugboats, patrol boat, crane barges and other equipment. Prior to installing Algae-X equipment, fuel filters were a constant problem and injectors and turbo chargers were repaired and replaced due to poor fuel quality. Algae-X has significantly reduced downtime, maintenance & repairs, filter consumption & labor hours and all systems are running much cleaner.

Virginia Pilots Assn.
Mark Kampfmueller, Port Engineer - Virginia Beach, VA

Had been changing fuel filters at 50-100 hours before installing Algae-X. Almost immediately after Algae-X units were installed, Mark saw a very noticeable difference in engine performance and filter consumption. Now filters are changed at normal intervals and transoms no longer turn black due to exhaust gasses.

Bay Gulf Towing
Katherine Wright, Vice President - Norfolk, VA

Since installing Algae-X, we have not seen evidence of fuel contamination, and have realized cost savings by eliminating the use of biocides and lower Racor Filter usage.

Pacific Marine Engineering
Steve Danaher, Owner P.M.E. - Long Beach, CA

We had a 53' Hatteras that had a significant fuel contamination problem, and the filters were getting clogged in as little as 50 hours of operation. We installed some Algae-X 1000's, and after only about 20 hours of monitoring the fuel filters, they were as clean as new.


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