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"After getting a sample of AFC 705, I dumped a ¼ oz in my 1984 Mercedes 300D, which sits in the driveway until I need chlorine for my pool and usually smokes the whole 2 miles to the pool store when I use it. Since I started putting your product in the car it doesn't smoke anymore and it accelerates like a gasoline car! I actually drive the car all the time now."

Eric Pozner
Regional Sales Manager - U.S. Automotive Parts Group
NAPA Southern Division

Cough, Cough, Cough...


Fuel is expensive, so we know how heartbreaking it is to see it go up in smoke. Smoke from the tail pipe is unburned fuel. It’s degraded to the point the engine can’t break it down, so off it goes… up, up and away….


AFCN 705 is literally the “tank cleaner in a bottle”.
A little bit goes a long way.

PREDATOR SERIES Fuel Catalyst AFCN 705 0

STS 7030

Diesel Fuel Cleaning
Diesel Fuel Cleaning


Fuel Catalyst AFCN-7050® is a concentrated, industrial quality, full spectrum fuel additive and fuel tank cleaning agent for use with diesel, gasoline, biofuels, kerosene and HFO. AFCN-7050® will stabilize fuel, prevent sludge build-up, improve combustion, reduce harmful emissions and eliminate the need for expensive and toxic biocides.


AFCN-7050® provides superior fuel quality for engines and storage tanks, lowering operating costs, maintenance and downtime. AFCN-7050® accelerates tank cleaning and fuel restoration processes by cleaning heavily contaminated fuel systems and storage tanks. It dissolves tank sludge, stabilizes the fuel, restores Optimal Fuel Quality, and preserves the integrity of stored fuel up to 12 months.


AFCN-7050® cleans your tanks, and when added with each refueling, enhances combustion, eliminates carbon deposits, reduces harmful emissions, and lowers fuel consumption. AFCN-7050® is suitable for use with diesel, gasoline, biofuels, kerosene and HFO.

Treatment Ratio
8oz Bottle
320 Gallons
1 Gallon Jug

5,000 Gallons

5 Gallon Jug

25,000 Gallons

55 Gallon Drum
275,000 Gallons





Diesel Fuel Cleaning

AFCN-5050 HFO Power is a concentrated additive for Heavy or Residual Grade Fuel Oil which is burned in industrial boilers. AFCN-5050 HFO, which is primarily a combustion ash modifier and combustion catalyst, disperses readily when mixed with HFO. It is effective in the reduction and suppression of high-temperature corrosion and unburned carbon combustion deposits. It also neutralizes low temperature corrosion in burner end-zones.

AFCN-5050 HFO Power reduces both the amount and also the reactive tendency of the corrosive, metallic, ash-forming fuel components.

  • Removes existing hard ash deposits of vanadium and sodium and inhibits the formation of new corrosive deposits
  • Reduces high and low temperature corrosion
  • reduces the formation of SOx
  • Improves combustion, reducing soot and particulate emissions
  • Stabilizes and disperses asphaltenes
  • Stabilizes cracked heavy fuel components and heavy fuel blends
  • Recovers oil from the sediment which is treated as waste and normally is destructed
  • Unique in providing the catalytic combustion and stabilization of fuel mixtures with asphaltene dispersions
  • Maintains industrial engine efficiency and operational economy
  • Extends industrial engine operational periods
  • Removes and prevents deposits in the fuel delivery system
Treatment ratio
55 Gallon Drum (208 L)
275,000 Gallons (1,040,988 L)
275 Gallon IBC (1,041 L)
1,375,000 Gallons (5,204,941 L)
330 Gallon IBC (1,249 L)
1,650,000 Gallons (6,245,929 L)
PREDATOR SERIES AGN 6060 Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel


Diesel Fuel Cleaning

AGN 6060 Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel Additive is a multifunctional diesel fuel winter flow improver additive. It functions as a wax modifier to improve low temperature flow.

  • Lowers Cold Filter Plugging Point
  • Lowers Pour Point
  • Prevents Fuel Gelling in Low Temperatures
  • Disperses Wax During Extended Engine Shutdowns in Cold Climates
  • Helps Prevent Fuel Filter Icing
  • Water Dispersant to help remove water safely on a gradual basis
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Cetane Booster


Treatment Ratio
1 Gallon Jug (3.78 L)
1,500 Gallons (5,678 L)
5 Gallon Jug (19 L)
7,500 Gallons (28,390 L)
55 Gallon Drum (208 L)
82,500 Gallons (312,296 L)
275 Gallon IBC (1,041 L)
412,500 Gallons (1,561,482 L)
330 Gallon IBC (1,249 L)
495,000 Gallons (1,873,779 L)




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